Onderdil Paling Gampang Rusak Usai Banjir

Banyak kerusakan terjadi setelah banjir pada bulan lalu. Berdasarkan penelusuran KompasOtomotif di sentra onderdil, khususnya  ITC Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan dan beberapa bengkel, kompone mobil yang paling banya harus diganti seperti berikut.

1. Laher (bearing) atau bantalan. Khususnya yang berada di roda, puli AC dan tensioner. Karena posisinya rendah, sering terendam air. Setelah kering, timbul karat dengan tanda-tanda bunyi mendengung.

2. Motor starter. Karena rendah, juga jadi gampang rusak. Bagian yang terserang, gulungan (kotor) dan bendix. Kalau  kerusakannya tidak terlalu parah masih bisa diperbiki. Bila tidak harus diganti baru.

3. Karpet dek. Selain meninggalkan bau tidak sedap dan sulit dihilangkan, bentuknya juga mengerut. Continue reading

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Menyamarkan Goresan Tipis pada Cat Mobil

Goresan-goresan kecil di bodi mobil kurang sedap dipandang mata. Baik yang terlihat samar-samar atau berukuran cukup besar. Begitu pula dengan bekas cat mobil atau motor yang menempel saat bersenggolan. Cara jadul yang kerap dipakai adalah menyamarkannya dengan compound.

Cara tersebut kini tidak lagi menarik karena bisa memudarkan cat. Hal tersebut bisa dilihat pada kain yang dipakai untuk menggosok permukaan cat, terdapat lunturan warna.

Cara terbaru, menggunakan obat yang berbeda. Saat ini sudah banyak diproduksi cairan yang bisa menyamarkan goresan tanpa memudarkan cat. Hal tersebut diungkapkan oleh Tjahja, pengelola Toda yang punya beberapan gerai di Jakarta dan Serpon. Continue reading

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ppp claim

An attempt discriminates!

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dijual taruna CSX LIMITED EDITION tahun 2000


AKI Baru (2012)

KM: 97rb an

KONDISI: Orisinil

AC: Dingin Banget

Konsumsi Bahan Bakar: 1:12 (AC) 1:15 (Non AC)

CC: 1600

Surat2: STNK (Panjang Sd. Maret 2015); BPKB: Tangan Kedua

Lokasi: Pati Kota (085799920480 – Yuda)

Aksesoris: Velg Racing std (chrome), tape, Mp3, Central Lock, AC, Power window, Electric Mirror.

Pokoknya mobilnya Ciamik dan siap pakai. dijamin tidak kecewa. silakan lihat barang langsung ke Perum Rendole Indah Blok E/ 64 Pati.

Mobil atas nama sendiri, untuk 3 th ke depan bisa di bantu untuk perpanjangan, setelah itu harus di balik nama sendiri.

kondisi bodi: Cat orisinil, bodi mulus, tidak ada yang penyok, dan tidak berkarat. nomor mesin dan rangka tembus. Faktur asli masih ada (di kantor samsat).

Mesin Kering, masih menggunakan karburator jadi kalau servis dan perawatan masih mudah dan murah, kaki-kaki nyaman, suspensi empuk.

open harga Rp
90.000.000,00 (NEGO TIPIS)


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Bagaimana pendapat anda tentang adanya “tilang elektronik”?
Bisakah diterapkan di Indonesia saat ini?

Silakan beri pendapat masing-masing, jika ada yang ditanyakan, tulis saja komentar di blog ini..
(jangan lupa untuk memberi kontribusi dengan melihat iklan yang ditawarkan ;) trims…

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Understand What Is So Unique About NOS Kits

NOS sets or Nitrous Oxide Techniques sets are quite well-known. Nitrous oxide is an oxide of nitrogen and is more generally known to the regular individual as the joking gas. This is because of the capability of nitrous oxide to cause a condition of excitement in individuals if consumed. This chemical type substance is used for lots of requirements because of its adaptability and non-flammable characteristics.

It is commonly used in the area of remedies as an pain-killer because it can absolutely eliminate actual discomfort. Lately though, a new use has been discovered for this gas. It is now used to produce a lot of of strength in car applications, particularly in powerplant rushing.

NOS is the acronym for nitrous oxide and is known so after the organization that developed the discover in the use of nitrous oxide to improve the efficiency functionality of anengine. The organization was known as Nitrous Oxide Techniques. Ever since this analysis was revealed, it has been amazingly well-liked and now NOS sets are quickly available all over the community, even though in many nations all over the community its use in rushing vehicles is unlawful.

What NOS sets mainly do is to help the car website get rid of an additional quantity of petrol and air. The technology of a highly effective burning is the outcome. NOS sets will help produce more fresh air when conditions are resulted in, as when in comparison to regular environmental air. This is the primary idea of these sets.

These sets are really easy to perform. An electric controlled device is used to launch air and nitrous oxide which are stuck in the shipping program. Then nitrous oxide is introduced all the way from the safe-keeping container to the solenoid device that will launch the gas into the consumption system of an website. As well, to create sure that a highly effective burning is possible, a lot of additional petrol is also provided immediately to the website.

These sets can produce a number of strength, which is just like viewing a super-charger at perform or something slowly instantly switch at extremely rate. The bhp can switch in just a few moments from an amazingly little determine to a really big one. An example of this is that the bhp can go from 10 to 300 or even 400. Plus, if you want an even larger improve in strength technology, then you can update your program. Luckily it is relatively inexpensive to do so, because the process is quite straightforward. All that an update really needs is that some of the aircraft in the solenoid be modified.

The advantages of NOS sets are many, but unfortunately it does come with its own set of issues. While the program creates an website more highly effective and the car ten periods quicker, there is no informing just how trusted the website itself can be.

The power-bursts can eliminate the website in a second if the appropriate petrol stages are not managed. In addition, it is important that the heat range be kept continuous as well, otherwise there is a big potential for detonation developing. Even if the website can take the demand, there has to be a particular percentage of air and petrol to keep elements in stability. If this is not kept, then significant harm will happen.

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Problems Certificate Florida- Allows You To Generate During Certificate Revocation Period

Getting my difficulty license California was at the top of my record of elements I had to do because after getting too many factors on my history this season I had my license revoked. I realized that getting my difficulty would be the first thing to getting again on the street, but I do not know where to begin looking for a 12 time course.

I began my google look for and I was really satisfied to discover one that provided everything I required and it was available from any pc that had an online access. The Office of Freeway Protection and Powerplant Automobiles accepted this course throughout California, so it met all the demands I required to alter my California revoked license.

The day after I authorized for this online course I obtained an registration type that certified me for a difficulty license California. I believed this was awesome, I was able to begin generating just for deciding upon up for the course and when I accomplished it I would be able to have my license reinstated. I completed the course in 48 time and it was not that bad because you get to log in and out at any time you want. This way you can take smashes whenever you need them and never really have to get worried about anyone else.

I will not have a need for this course because I never strategy on creating the same faults again, but I believed I would let everyone else know about it and pay it forward!

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Discover All The Truck Details You Can For The Right Decision

Knowing all the essential information about anything you want to buy is always important. If you never have all the appropriate trucking information, for example, you are not going to be able to choose out the big rig that will get you from one end of the nation without splitting down some periods except by large success. A lot of this is demonstrated through data and data that most individuals let cloud together in their thoughts, but when you know enough that you can adhere to the transfer of those data, you are going to be able to create a good option on every buy.

The only get is discovering a owner that provides you with all the trucking information that you want so that you can be sure you are getting the right factor. It is not enough to know the name of the style in question: Just understanding the usage and the VIN can create a big change in being able to tell the excellent of what exactly is being provided up on the market. When you will see other information as well,it becomes a lot more readily found it which is ideal for your actual needs,so you definitely want to keep an eye on the locations that put a lot of value in offering a finish variety of information on each device.

Fortunately, discovering such a position does not have to be challenging, either. There are a variety of web sites that comprehend just how essential it is for you to have all the details you need to create the right choice. Some of them even offer you with a method for cope immediately with other truck drivers so that you can be sure you are creating the right choice without even the least evaluate of uncertainty. So, you never have to get worried that your device is not going to create it to the end of the job.

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Camaro Body Sets – Sleek Generate With A Sleek Look

The Camaro was Chevrolet’s reaction to the increasing reputation of the Honda Ford mustang in the Sixties. The car was available in the vehicle and ragtop types and both had a very fantastic attract them. In the Seventies some changes were created in the design of the car and this did not go down too well with the customers. As revenue began to slide, the organization refurbished the design again and also offered the car a more highly effective and sports website. The youthful crowed heated up to this recently doctored horse car and its reputation began to improve.
The newest Camaro is it all technology edition and still provides unique V8 strength, a rear-drive framework, classy design and a option of vehicle or ragtop systems. Unfortunately the car began to reduce its shine and it could not keep with the rivalry. As its revenue spiraled downwards, Chevy determined that arrived for the Camaro to create a basic but city quit.

But Chevy is all set to release a improved edition of the Camaro which will still cover the substance of the mature variations. It looks to be a ensuring car and the organization desires to offer excellent shows and looks with the new Camaro. Whether you own the Camaro already or are considering the new one, you have the option of creating your car look better and with the help of the Camaro body kits. Body kits generally help to create changes to the external of your car by including or modifying certain elements. You can reflection your individuality and design on your car by creating changes to it. Particular body kits can also help to improve the efficiency of your car. In such a way capabilities can be included to the vehicles which were not offer in the created in higher quantities edition. Besides using body kits can provide your car a look that you always desired but could not manage.

There is a variety of alternatives to select from the range of Camaro body kits. They are very reasonably cost and practical to set up. To know more you can check out www.ilovebodykits.com.

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Get Educated With Perfectly Developed Silverado 1500 Enhancer Parts

Silverado 1500 has seen various changes in its create and detail to be able to increase its aesthetical charm and efficiency. Certainly, it is not a very easy process to deal with the change in a car which is quite reliable in public. But, Common Engines has always taken the risks with lot of poise and pleasure. Therefore, whatever we see is a result of such a lot of attempt and research by designers and vehicle developers. Also, to be able to cope-up with the ever improving requirements of car fanatics globally, it is unavoidable to stay dull as far as developing and technological innovation is worried. Day in and day out, our vehicle market is plowing to generate the quality which matches worldwide requirements.

Silverado 1500 components indicate lot of durability and in-built durability with amazing accomplishment. Silverado 1500 external components and Silverado 1500 external components are constructed in such a way so as to create the car look broad-shouldered with the filled with meaning large position and serving various needs of the individuals and travelers. Silverado 1500 components not only offer as the awesome resources for pulling and carting, but also for high-end off-road experience. Silverado 1500 has became a family car with the relaxed potential of over 5 individuals and establishes to be a finish amazing car for few days pleasure. Silverado 1500 components provide the car with lot of relaxation in magnificent style and category.

Being the challenging and high-performance car, Silverado gives a lots of rivalry to its counterparts’ vehicle producers like Honda, Avoid and Toyota, making Chevy prior to all. The external design given to the car through Silverado 1500 external components and Silverado 1500 external components is much more vivid and eye-catching. Exclusive and greater grill, front side bumpers, fashionable front side lights, cover and taillights; everything is just ideal.

Silverado 1500 booster components generate real satisfaction and personality in individuals who own a effortless trip around the nation. The vehicle developers are quite aware that generating is not only about speed and push but also about the durability used to quit the car graciously at any time the need appears. Silverado 1500 booster components make sure that the braking system liquid is properly sent to the braking system wrinkles and calipers via expert cyndrical tube. Silverado 1500 booster components experience protected and safe. Just very simple braking system booster harm can put you in possibility, so you must prevent being found in the center of the street without any effective back-up for your generate.

Search well online about various Silverado 1500 components and components and then you can negotiate for whatever matches your car the most. Avoid exploring in person because that will save your lot of time, energy and money. Instead, you can go through different sites to be able to obtain adequate understanding about different Silverado 1500 external components and components. Little research in progress will pay a lot in long run and no one can deceive you when you actually interact with yourself in replacement purchasing.

So, store in the best way possible for the best purchasing ever!

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