Rasakan mulusnya perjalanan di jalan yang berlubang-lubang sekalipun, dengan adanya penambahan jarak fleksibilitas shock absorber untuk menyerap getaran yang sampai ke penumpang sehingga bantingan terasa lebih mantap dan aman saat dikemudikan dalam kecepatan tinggi. Velg berukuran 15″ yang memungkinkan Anda bermanuver dengan baik dan menambah keseimbangan saat berkendara di kecepatan tinggi. Kaca dan spoiler yang didesain sesuai dengan prinsip aerodinamis yang baik, memberikan pandangan yang lebih luas kepada pengemudi sehingga lebih leluasa dikemudikan.

Nissan’s concept of “the vehicle that helps protect people.” In the area of safety technology, Nissan pursues innovation as part of its “Safety Shield” concept, an advanced, proactive approach to safety issues based on the idea that cars should help protect people. This approach provides various measures to help the driver and passengers better avoid dangers in ways that are optimized to each of a wide range of circumstances that the vehicle may be in, from “risk has not yet appeared” to “post-crash”.
Nissan’s environmental philosophy can be described as, “a symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature.” It is our ideal for a sustainable mobile society now and our goal for the future. We launched the Nissan Green Program 2010 with specific objectives to realize the goal, and we are diligently making concerted efforts to reduce environmental impact at every stage of the vehicle life cycle and our corporate activities.
To provide each of our customers with a consistently high level of quality, we apply the same high quality standards worldwide—ensuring that all Nissan owners enjoy peace of mind for the lives of their vehicles.

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