The challenge for our design team was function and form. How did we give the All-New Ranger a muscular, contemporary exterior, without compromising on fuel efficiency and a smoother ride? It meant putting the All-New Ranger through more than 1,000 full-vehicle aerodynamic simulations using the same leading-edge technology as Formula One teams. We think Ranger’s new look and performance was worth it.


This is the one the others will follow.
The comfort on the inside isn’t just about the finish and features. There’s more space all round, with the best legroom in its class in the back, so everyone’s happy.
Larger rear doors make it easier than ever for everyone to get in and out, and with more storage than its competitors, there’s less ‘stuff’ taking up good space.


All-New Ranger’s longer wheelbase means more space all round. Even in the back.
And with rear doors that open towards the back and no fixed pillar blocking the way, getting the stuff you need in and out of the back quickly is effortless.
There’s plenty of practical storage, including two covered compartments in the floor, so you can fit more in. Plus the option of a jump seat (in selected markets).


When you choose the Single Cab it’s all about the job at hand, with 16% more cargo volume it doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort. New Ranger Single Cab is big enough to get the job done and deliver an easy going, roomy ride.


When the best Ford engineering minds from around the world were given the responsibility of creating the best Ranger ever, their brief was simple. No compromise. Not only did they have to deliver a Ranger model like no other, they also had to prove it had the toughness, endurance and versatility to take on some of the harshest terrains and climates across five continents.

When it came to testing the suspension in the new Ranger, our engineers chose one of the world’s most unforgiving environments. The Australian outback. What they didn’t factor into the already extreme conditions were the heaviest rains in 10 years. Luckily, with key engine components and air intakes positioned high under the bonnet for a best-in-class water wading of 800mm, Ranger had no trouble tackling the swollen rivers and submerged tracks.

*Best-in-class water wading in 4×4 models and 4×2 Hi-Rider 

All-New Ranger was designed with driver and passenger comfort in mind. That’s why there is more legroom in the back than any of our competitors. No more complaints from passengers in the rear and no more knees pressing into the back of the front seat. And larger rear doors make it easier than ever for everyone to pile-in and out- fast.

* Double Cab models only
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